Gold Jewellery

Make a statement with our timeless collection of Gold Jewellery

Throughout history, gold jewellery has been a symbol of beauty and prosperity. Even the smallest pieces of gold jewellery are enough to turn heads. Our experts welcome any questions you have about the finer details of purchasing gold jewellery. We also design bespoke jewellery if you’d like us to create a piece to match or complement your existing collection.

View a small selection of our traditional and modern gold jewellery in our collection below. See our beautifully designed gold jewellery up close for yourself and appreciate the craftsmanship. Even better, visit us in-store and enjoy the complete jewellery shopping experience.

  1. Gents Signet Ring in 9ct Yellow Gold
  1. 9ct Yellow Gold Golf Bangle
  1. Curved Diamond Bar Necklace
  1. Cubic Zirconia Studs in 9ct Gold
  1. Fancy 9ct Yellow Gold & Diamond Drop Earrings
  1. Fancy Tri-Tone Gold Necklace
  1. LOVE Pendant in 9ct Yellow Gold
  1. Arrow Diamond Pendant in Yellow Gold
  1. 9ct Yellow Gold Tear Drop Earrings
  1. Shot Set Heart Diamond Pendant
  1. Heart Shaped Pendant in 9ct Gold
  1. Bar Drop Diamond Earrings in 9ct Rose Gold
  1. Diamond Circle Pendant
  1. 9ct Rose Gold Euroball Earrings (6mm)
  1. 9ct Rose Gold Euroball Earrings (8mm)
  1. 9ct Rose Gold Half Hoop Earrings
  1. 2.00ct Diamond Tennis Bracelet in 18ct Gold
  1. Half Troy Ounce Bangle
  1. Troy Ounce Bangle

We’ve had the pleasure of being trusted to create fine jewellery for multiple generations within families – developing lasting relationships with our clients. Want to get started with your remarkable fine jewellery experience? Don’t just settle for second best, give your life moments the quality they deserve by trusting Fifth Avenue Diamond Experts today.

Book an appointment with our jewellery specialists or visit us at 5 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna, Auckland. 

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